Our Process

Using the highest quality, fresh pressed sugarcane and first run molasses, we craft spirits of provenance. We utilise a special yeast blend and a temperature-controlled ferment to create elegant spirits, able to be enjoyed by all. Double distilled, after resting, we cut our spirit with our own pure spring water, sourced from an aquifer deep below our farmstead.

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rum ageing process

Our Ageing Process

We seek the highest quality barrel stock for our aged products, and store them in tropical North Queensland where the heat and humidity generate the renowned rum flavours. Using long term aged Pedro Ximénez barrels as well as quality American oak first run ex-bourbon barrels, our spirits are infused with layers of vanilla, wood smoke and butterscotch.

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Premium Aged Rum

Our Premium Aged Rum is an elegant, refined style, reminiscent of the best Cuban rums. We ferment the best molasses with our unique yeast blend and double distil. Aged in ex-bourbon American oak barrels until matured, we then reduce with our own pure spring water.

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vintage cane spirit

Vintage Cane Spirit

Our Vintage Cane Spirit is crafted from freshly pressed sugarcane fermented with our unique yeast blend. Double distilled, aged in carefully selected Pedro Ximénez barrels and reduced with our own pure spring water. This vintage cane spirit has a nose of toffee, mixed spice and vanilla oak.
Smooth on the palate, it tastes of brown sugar and fig and stretches to a long, lingering finish.

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Virgin Cane Spirit

Our Virgin Cane Spirit is inspired by the aromatic rums of the French Caribbean. Crafted from fresh pressed sugarcane and fermented with our unique yeast blend, it is double distilled and reduced with our own pure spring water.

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distillers edition

The "Wild Child" Distillers Edition

At Burdekin Distillery we perfect our recipes through multiple trials and tastings, occasionally discovering exceptional varietals that we bottle as strictly limited editions.

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The "Lost One" Distillers Edition

Only 150 uniquely numbered bottles. One of our earliest test distillations.

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jp edition white

JP Distillers Edition

Only 500 uniquely numbered bottles. Smooth yet grassy signature cane spirit flavour.