Special Edition – “First Burdekin Rum” Dedicated to Laurence Pavone

700ml |ABV 43%


This Special Edition of only 150 individually numbered bottles is dedicated to the legacy of Laurence Pavone.

A 42 year old father of three, Laurence Pavone was diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable terminal brain tumour, and made it his mission over the next 10 months of his life to give back, make a difference and leave a lasting legacy for his young family. His mission was to raise and donate $100,000 to brain cancer research. We have created this rum in his honour, and all proceeds go to brain cancer research via the Laurie’s Love foundation. To read more about the Laurie’s Love foundation and Laurie’s story, please visit www.laurieslove.org.au

The rum itself takes the standard Burdekin Premium Aged Rum and gives it more of everything – more flavour, more alcohol, more barrel contact. Bottled at an ABV of 43%, in honour of Laurie’s favourite Licor 43, it has the strength of flavour to carry the alcohol in perfect harmony. To be enjoyed over ice, with a few drops of Mt Elliot water mixed in, and a wedge of lime.

Tasting Notes

Burnt vanilla, smoke and a hint of sweetness mark this rum as one to savour.


Double distilled.


Rested initially in fresh wet ex-bourbon barrells, it was then decanted in to a toasted and charred special finish barrel for the remaining two years. Only 1 barrel.


Free from added sugar, flavours or colours.

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