The 2023 Collection

The “2023 Collection” is all 6 of our current releases including our core range of French agricole style Virgin & Vintage Cane Spirit as well as our first Premium Aged Rum (all at 40% ABV). In addition, a numbered bottle of each of our 2023 Distillers Editions, the “Wild Child” Traditional Cane Spirit (ABV 51%), the “Lost One” First Cane Rum (ABV 40%) and the “JP Edition” First Giru Cane Spirit (ABV 45%).

$750.00 inc GST

Premium Aged Rum

The nose yields vanilla, butterscotch and a hint of smoke. The palate is rich and dry with a long smooth finish.

Virgin Cane Spirit

A botanical nose, a hint of fresh cut flowers and a dry finish.

Vintage Cane Spirit

Smooth on the palate, it tastes of brown sugar and fig and stretches to a long, lingering finish.

Distillers Edition - The "Wild Child"

Limited edition of 350 bottles only. Traditional French Carribean style with an intense nose.

Distillers Edition - "The Lost One"

Only 150 uniquely numbered bottles. One of our earliest test distillations.

Distillers Edition - JP Edition

Only 500 uniquely numbered bottles.   Smooth yet grassy signature Giru Cane Spirit.

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